Merhabalar, Sevgililerim!

Salam people.

I’m an almost 19 year old undergoing a phase of makeup obsession for the past few months. Never thought I’d tumble down this particular lane of vanity and lipstick lust, but alas, here we are (*sighs*).

Anyway, when I turned 18 last year, I had this absurd thought that I ought to have my own makeup (Or maybe not so absurd, since I’d been sneaking into my ammi’s makeup stash for the past few years. She hasn’t gotten over her kajal that I lost when I was 13). So, feeling very adult-like, I decided to get some items of my own. Specially lipsticks. I simply adore those. Well, whaddya know? It wasn’t as easy as I thought.

As you might have guessed by now, I’m a muslim girl. And as such, one should endeavor to try to lead a halal life. Honestly, it’s so depressing when you realise just how much we are at the risk of consuming haram. And it’s not just food that has to be halal, as a lot of people seem to think. It is every aspect of your life that should be so. Which brings me back to. . .

Makeup! Yes, makeup. A lot of us don’t think twice before buying something that is reasonable and catches our fancy. What might underlie in its ingredients is often not a concern of ours.

I guess I have to thank my dad (ammi too, but what he said stuck in my mind). He saw me applying lipstick of a brand with unknown origins, and he was like ‘ haan, ye dekho kitne shoq se gaddhe ki charbi mun pe lga rhi ho.’ Translation: Look at you applying donkey fat so fondly on your lips. Ewww, but effective.

So began my long research into makeup, the ingredients it contains, how to know if it’s safe for use (that is, halal). Even now, I never buy anything the first time. I only go back to get it after I’m satisfied.

So dear sisters, (and brothers- you know, no one’s judging here 😉 I started this blog to put up all what I’ve learnt so far, and to help any of you who have similar issues as me. I’m excited and looking forward to doing this.

P.s just to let you guys know, this isn’t solely about makeup or its reviews. There’ll be posts relating to other things too Insha’ Allah.

Thanks for dropping by this lipstick junkie!

Bis bald. Auf wiedersehen.